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West Valley Field Upgrades Donation Drive

Fundraiser Information

Please help support the West Valley Field Upgrade program. We continue to work to upgrade our facilities where our girls and boys play. We are a 100% volunteer organization. Some of the projects we have completed. Eagle Nazarene Ditch Tiling by the Softball Fields. This was a $30,000.00 endeavor to provide for a safer facility by covering the 200 feet plus of irrigation ditch network that ran in the middle of our facility. Duck Alley Scoreboards: added scoreboards on fields 1, 3 and 4 Duck Alley back stops and fencing. Upgraded the backstops and fencing to a heavier gauge. Duck Alley: added two new batting cages Duck Alley foul poles. Currently in progress New Projects to complete Duck Alley: Safety net above the spectator area of the quad. Eagle Christian: new dugouts, the wind has damaged the dugouts making them unsafe for use. Duck Alley: new scoreboard for field 2 Eagle Nazarene Facility: Add more batting cages. Duck Alley, Eagle Nazarene and Eagle Christian: New infield mix for all facilities.

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Fundraising Goal: $50000.00

Total Donations: $45.00
Largest Donation: $25.00

I grew up playing softball in West Valley and this is where I first found my love for the game. Thank you to everyone who helps kids learn and play this amazing game. Also, I owe West Valley $2.00, which I stole from the concessions to buy gum tape when I was in elementary school. I feel bad for what I did, but hope I can be forgiven through my donation and time that I have spent helping girls out in the past. Thank you for this wonderful program and I know the money will be put to good use.

The Dahlgren Family
Keep practicing Jace. We are proud of you!

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